Sala di studio

The study-room is the central feature of archives, where people can examine original documents produced over centuries by offices, groups and single individuals, in their private or public activity. Here the visitor gains access to inventories, lists, archive guides (on paper or digital) which, with the help of an assistant, allows him/her to find what is useful for research. Reproduction of documents, by photocopy or digital camera, is only done occasionally and is to be considered an exception. It is possible only with the consent of the people in charge.

Among the services offered, listed in the service charter and in the archives regulations, are cultural and educational service for schools, aimed at students, teachers and citizens. We offer laboratories, conferences, exhibitions and other events organized in association with several institutions and with the help of generous sponsors.

A specialized library and a reference service are annexed to the study-room of the archives. And the relevant Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) can be searched at the following address: or

Conditions of access


The study-room is open to everyone over 16 years of age free of charge. Documents can be examined freely, with the exception of those protected by privacy, in accordance with the relevant applicable laws. These are:

a) Classified documents regarding State home and foreign affairs that concern the last fifty years;

b) Documents that contain sensitive data regarding people (data which may divulge ethnic origin, religion, opinions, affiliation to political parties, workers’ unions, associations or organizations) and that concern the last forty years;

c) Documents containing sensitive data which may divulge health conditions, sexual inclination or reserved family relationships that concern the last seventy years;

d) All documents considered classified from their entry.

Authorization to consult these classified documents before the time limits specified above may be granted by the Ministry of the Interior. An application form must be presented at the Piacenza Prefect’s Office, following the procedure described in articles 8 and 9 of the Legislative Decree 281/1999.