Search Tools

In order to carry out research in any historical archives, you must have a starting place that can act as an initial search tool. It can be an inventory or an archives series, but also a list, a table of contents, a card index or other records. These are all tools, in different forms and media, which are generally available in study-rooms.

This section, which we have called “Search tools”, can be considered as our virtual study room. It offers the possibility of consulting all digital means currently available. It starts with the Guide to the collections included in the SIAS, the Sistema Informativo degli Archivi di Stato (State Archives Information System). This portal accesses the documentary collections preserved in the Italian State Archives, including the Piacenza Archives.

In this section, the you will find a list of our documents on microfilm and the registration of a number or documentary collections preserved by the organizations or bodies that produced them (See the Italian Version to Strumenti per la ricerca --> Archivi digitali)

  1. SIAS: it represents the online updating of the General Guide of the Italian State Archives and is consequently the guide to the collections and the search tools of the Piacenza Sate Archives documentary heritage.

  2. The microfilm collection, mostly formed by documents which do not belong to the Piacenza State Archives.

  3. Guides to other archives or registration of their contents: female monasteries, old parochial registers, charity institutions.

  4. Historical land registry records (1807), with over 1500 land registry maps, scaled 1:2500 or 1:1250.

  5. Maps and Photography